Once upon a time...

There was a girl that was born in San Francisco. Her parents lived on the street of Pixley st. They contemplated on naming their new born child after the street, Pixley. Pixley's name changed to Simone, but was later decided by Simone to be Pixley because it is suited to her and herself. Pixley Temperance is an identity used by Simone Weinstein to express herself in the ways she believes to be the very much Pixley she knows she is. 

Simone lives in City Heights, San Diego. She is the Co Owner to Little Dame shop an Alternative Art Boutique in North Park, San Diego. She is an artist.. likes to express herself in illustration, embroidery, and taxidermy. She is the Visual Merchandiser, an Art Curator and a Barista for Dark Horse Coffee Roasters. Simone has a pug named Mae.. nicknamed MaeMae <3 Her family still lives in the Bay Area but is visited by her mom and dad many times a year.